Barco ClickShare CX-30 Wireless Conferencing System

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  • Full BYOD support Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration with Button or Desktop App
  • Works with your device, conferencing platform & a wide range of AV peripherals
  • Enhanced security, connected and cloud managed
  • Full interactivity

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Barco ClickShare CX-30 Wireless Conferencing System

Seamless wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms

For better hybrid meetings, participants need to feel engaged and inspired. ClickShare CX-30 from Barco offers a seamless one-click wireless conferencing room system to bring teams together – wherever they are. Compatible with any PC, laptop, or Mac device running Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems; ClickShare CX-30 can turn small to medium-sized meeting rooms into innovative hybrid meeting spaces and conference facilities.

Interact, discuss, and collaborate with remote participants enjoying interactive hybrid meetings with touchback, annotation, and blackboarding.

Bring your meeting

ClickShare CX-30 brings seamless one-click wireless conferencing. With our agnostic wireless room system, you start a hybrid meeting from your laptop, using any conference tool for seamless Bring Your Meeting (BYOM) experiences.

Walk in, and connect automatically to room devices like cameras, mics, speakers, and sound bars. Make hybrid collaboration flow with only one click. 

Start IT-friendly hybrid meetings

Decide how you and your guests collaborate. Plug & play with the ClickShare Button and choose workflow integration with the  ClickShare  App to to make your meetings intuitive and interactive.

Enjoy interactivity features like local view of the room display, annotation, blackboarding, and touch-back support. ClickShare CX-30 is a fully integrated, agnostic wireless conferencing toom system that can be up and running in less than seven seconds. ClickShare can be used by anyone, including visitors and guests, and works with the largest range of solutions from our compatible brands and partners. 

Matching your organization

A set of IT-friendly features makes ClickShare Conference a perfect fit for any enterprise environment. ClickShare Conference, excelling in enhanced security, seamlessly integrates into any IT- network.

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