Shredder Machines

At officesflux we offer a wide range of shredders to choose from. Safe guard your private business information in the most  environmental friendly  way possible.

As competition increases, business stakeholders are more concerned about  safeguarding the  business information pertaining to internal information and that of  the client’s.

Despite living in a digital world we still are very heavily reliant on the use of paper for  documentation, which puts any organization in great threat at the time of discarding  the  same.Hence the best way to avoid any kind of sensitive information getting  exposed to  unwanted entities its best to use a shredder.

Key reasons why any business would need a shredder are:

1. Save space at offices.  Disposing off the unwanted heaps of papers keeps an office orderly and organized. This enables the organization to clean up and bring in more productive vibes to the environment

2. Eco-friendly: Offices must practices judicial usage of paper considering what harm it is already causing to our eco-system with more and more shortage of trees, we live in threat of global warming which will come to affect heavily in the future. However we can always re-use the shredded paper to pack any items in the office. Also since paper is biodegradable its great for composting too!

3. Protect vital business information from being leaked into wrong hands. There are more than just paper shredders available in the market that can shred even credit cards, identification cards, CDs, etc

How to select the best shredder for your office?

There are several factors that influence the buying decision because every organization is different and every business practices may require a certain guideline.

Hence we at , help you identify the best that would suit your requirement. Below are some criteria’s you may consider before deciding on which model to chose:

1. Cut type: Typically available in three variants – strip-cut (thickest), cross-cut (diagonally) and micro-cut (extremely fine). Depending on the sensitivity of the document you may decide which one suits your requirement the most.

2. Capacity: This is purely dependent on the volumes of paper shredding required on regular intervals. Generally all manufacturers come with a set of guidelines where it mentions how many documents can be shred in a day, which is a good enough indication to help you chose the right shredder for your office.

3. Security level: Generally dependent on the types of cuts the shredder can result. The smallest and finest ones are rated as the highest security level. Again depending on the guidelines set by your business you may filter your search accordingly. offers a huge range of shredders all under one roof. You can browse through our category and select the right kind of shredder and purchase online. We will have it delivered at your office in no time!


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