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Paper has been the most used and abused commodity in any office. Despite living in this digital age we are still so highly dependent on the paper usage. While most offices encourage recycling of the paper and we all would agree that printing things unnecessary could be avoided.

Just by taking some measures we can help reducing impact of paper on our forests, increase efficiency at work and thereby save money.

Some quick tips to save paper in the office:

1. Think before you print or copy! Try to print responsibly.

2. Avoid color printing, as color printing generally uses more ink so go black and white when you can.

3. Go electronic; use digital platforms such as internally memory disk or USBs to store data. You can also use cloud based file sharing and storage to avoid creating piles of data records on the paper.

4. Use a whiteboard instead and avoid sticky notes and note pads to record all those quick and temporary notes.

5. Re-use the other side of the paper.

6. Be selective and print only what’s necessary.

7. Recycle paper by shredding the old documents and reusing the same, as paper is also compostable.

8. Purchase recycled paper for offices internal documentations.

9. Audit paper consumption on regular basis in order to keep the consumption in check.

10. Promote awareness around the office and encourage a good team effort towards the cause.



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