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We at Officeflux.com believe that every business starts small and grows with due course of time. Setting up an office for small businesses may not be easy considering the infrastructural cost has to be kept at minimal. However, you don’t have to let go of your aspirations of having the best, since Officeflux.com provides best and economical office solutions for all your office needs. We not only provide a wide range of affordable office equipment, furniture and supplies but also offer a customized solution to cater to your business needs.Read More
Office Hacks
Paper has been the most used and abused commodity in any office. Despite living in this digital age we are still so highly dependent on the paper usage. While most offices encourage recycling of the paper and we all would agree that printing things unnecessary could be avoided.Read More
Shredder: A must have in your office!
Shredders are any office essential, and officeflux.com offers a wide range of shredders to choose from. Safe guard your private business information in the most environmental friendly way possible.Read More
Can computers read our minds? Well the time seems to be coming closer when there will be an amalgamation of human mind and space with that of the artificial intelligence! Lets not get too apprehensive on this matter, but we can certainly have an open mind to the idea of automating our daily lives with the use of such advanced technology. Scientist has been able to detect brainwaves fore more than a century and mind-controlling technology already is helping paralyzed people move limbs or robotic prosthetics.Read More

UAE to become the new trendsetter! 

UAE to become the new trendsetter! It announces its vision to be one of the pioneers in introducing new age technology in its eco- system.

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